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Sleaford Town Team is run by a group of local volunteers who care about the town and it's future. With the support of Sleaford's businesses and residents can we work together and make a difference. If you care about what happens to Sleaford and want to do more than just talk about it, then show your commitment and join the Town Team.

By increasing our membership, we plan to raise enough funds to implement our projects and plans for a better Sleaford. The more members that join Sleaford Town Team, the louder our voice becomes and the more we can achieve. Projects like the Teenage Market are already making a difference, with your help and support imagine what we can accomplish.

Look at what we've already achieved in our first year.

Join Sleaford Town Team

When you become a member of Sleaford Town Team, you can attend & participate in Town Team meetings, take part in projects and initiatives, contribute ideas and get involved with our activities.

Every penny the Town Team receives through membership, donations or event sponsorship helps us to realise our plans and the combined input of everyone involved gives us a wealth of ideas from which to improve the town - Sleaford Town Team is committed to implementing the best future for Sleaford, supported by the people of Sleaford.
What has the Town Team done for Sleaford?

What has the Town Team done for Sleaford?

Below is a list of achievements that the Town Team has been responsible for to date:
  • Secured two years funding for the Teenage market
  • Run five teenage markets with over sixty traders running their first market stall
  • Invested in three gazebos for use at Teenage Markets to provide shelter for traders who don't have their own
  • Held an Easter Eggstravaganza with activities & entertainment for families
  • Secured 'digital training' for local businesses to help them use the internet more effectively
  • Set up an online guide to Sleaford with shop & business directory plus up to date parking, hotel, restaurant and further local information
  • Run regular open and members meetings to keep stakeholders advised of current and upcoming activities
  • Established a pop-up shop for young entrepreneurs to get their first experience of running a shop and making use of a vacant unit in the town centre.

For more information on membership levels and how you can contribute, select from the options below.

Membership for Residents

Resident membership is the lowest level of membership offered and is only open to private individuals. Resident members can:
  • Become part of the solution and help to make Sleaford a better place to live, work and play.
  • Attend and participate in Sleaford Town Team meetings, take part in projects and initiatives, contribute ideas, and get involved with our activities.
NB: Business owners may not join at the resident level if they intend to represent their business.

The annual fee for resident membership is £12pa.

Basic Membership

Basic membership is offered to local businesses with up to five full-time equivalent (FTE) employees. In addition ALL charities and not-for-profit organisations, regardless of size, can join as basic members.

Basic membership is not open to larger businesses but is offered to private individuals, should they wish for a higher level of involvement or to contribute more to Town Team funds. In addition to all of the above benefits, basic members can:
  • Have a free basic listing on the Visit Sleaford website, created to promote the town's businesses to locals and visitors.
  • Enjoy discounts or free access to chargeable business events and training delivered by the Town Team and its partners.
The annual fee for basic membership is £60pa.

Standard Membership

Standard membership is offered to businesses with more than five FTE employees. It is available to any local business, individual or not-for-profit organisation, should they wish for a higher level of involvement. In addition to all of the above benefits, standard members can:
  • Enjoy a free banner advertisement on the Sleaford Town Team website, including an inbound link to a website of their choice.
  • Submit one guest blog/feature/opinion piece per year to the Sleaford Town Team blog.
  • Get first refusal on any sponsorship opportunities at preferential member rates.
  • Have the opportunity to deliver a 15-minute presentation about their business at one of the regular local business networking events hosted by the Town Team.
The annual fee for standard membership is £250pa

Sleaford Champions

The most significant level of involvement is reserved for Sleaford Champions. These will either be the most significant local businesses, national brands or retail chains with local representation, or large businesses headquartered in the local area.

Sleaford Champions will be the largest and most affluent businesses operating in the local area, likely to have the greatest number of employees, and able to achieve the most significant positive impact on the town.

However, any local business that wishes to become a Sleaford Champion is more than welcome to apply for this level of membership. In addition to all of the above benefits, Sleaford Champions can:
  • Have a free enhanced listing (including images and in-depth information) on the Visit Sleaford website, created to promote the town's businesses to locals and visitors.
  • Submit two guest blogs/features/opinion pieces per year to the Sleaford Town Team blog.
  • Display their logo across Town Team marketing and communications and during networking opportunities and events.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in any media opportunities that arise, through print, online and broadcast.
The annual fee for Sleaford Champion membership is £1000pa.

Additional Donations

We also accept donations directly to support the town team's activities.
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